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The Perks of Our Community

With too many perks to possibly list, please see some of our most popular benefits as voted for by our community.

Monthly Events

As a community, we host a variety of different events for our member base. This stretches from, but not limited to, gaming events, movie & anime nights, tournaments filled with snazzy prices and competitive matches against other communities & teams.

Fair and Honest Leadership

Known for their honesty, fairness and integrity, the NovaGaming staff team is respected and adored by the Community. Those who find a home here at Nova, understand and appreciate the fact that there is no admin abuse under our banner.


With active gamer's across all platforms playing a massive diversity of games, those that grow tired of one game will always be able to find new friends to play with on another. We proud ourselves with having such a friendly group of users on our Discord.


Awarding Members

Nova, unlike other communities, has not adopted a military ranking system within its community. Instead, the member base must earn their titles and for those who have done so, have displayed amazing commitment & loyalty towards the community.

A Platform

We’re home to a patient community that converse about almost any game imaginable without you feeling like you’re several years too late to the party. You can post your game reviews at your leisure to a fantastic auidence and share your content with us.


We like to display our love and affection to the community by sharing the love with our member base. These gifts vary from gift vouchers, to roles on our Discord and other goodies like Nova T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse matts and so on.


Suggestions are Welcomed

As Nova is built by gamer's for gamer's, we're always open to suggestions and recommendations. We take into consideration all pointers by our community and if your ideas are awesome, we tend to make them a reality.

Professional Partnerships

We’ve secured partnerships with Companies like Underdog Fitness and Dynamijam Studios which has brought our community some awesome, unique content. In addition, Nova is affiliated with companies such as Overclockers UK and Fatal Grips which secured our community some good discounts.


Nova is home to gamer's across the globe! This enables us to learn about other cultures and have a discussion with anyone, at anytime in the day or night.

Games we play!

Nova Gaming have a large group of both members and public players on our servers. Our community’s size and diversity is reflected in the vast amount of games we enjoy. Below is a just snippet of the vast amount of different games we shape our community around: 

Eve online!
Explore, Build, Conquer, EVE Online immerses you in an epic sci-fi experience. Where your every action can have rippling effects across a massive online universe populated by hundreds of thousands of players. as you attempt to make your fortune in the lawless border regions of New Eden.
Mordhau. Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval melee game featuring large open battles, siege engines, and mounted combat.
Dota 2
Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams of five players, with each team occupying and defending their own separate base on the map. Each of the ten players independently controls a powerful character, known as a "hero", who all have unique abilities and differing styles of play.
The game places the player in the fictional post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has turned most of the population into violent zombies. As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding zombies, and killing, avoiding, or cooperating with other players in an effort to survive the outbreak.
Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
A number of people are released onto an island, last person standing wins. To do that, you’ve got to find weapons, kill people you see, and avoid danger.
And Many More Games


Email: novagaming.org@outlook.com
Discord: Click here!
Teamspeak: Ts.novagaming.org

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