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Nova Gaming is a unique gaming community built around the blood, sweat and tears of a group of passionate gamer’s with an unfettered love for video games! When the Founders of the community established Nova in 2016, we intended on creating a open gaming community that would attract like minded gamer’s together under one conglomerate. Since our humble beginnings as game server owners, we’ve continued to grow as a tight knit family bounded together by gamer’s for gamer’s and we hope to welcome you as part of the community.

Minecraft Server

Our latest addition to the community. A server where we can all imagine ourselves as a young Antoni Gaudi. If this is more your style, be sure to join our Discord to learn more.

Mordhau Server’s

Eager to test your hack ‘n slash skills in a medieval settings? Join one of our duel servers and push your limited against the best of the best. How do you think you would you fair?

DayZ Server

PS4, role playing server open to everyone who wants to join. Co-operate to save humanity or become a bandit and terrorise the land; either way, are you capable of surviving?


Our Discord role playing realm. If you are a fan of a medieval ark governed by a monarchy thats filled with fantasy, creatures and creativity, let us welcome you to our world.

latest gaming news
Afterparty, The Next Game From The Oxenfree Team, Arrives In October

Afterparty, the next game from Night School Studio, hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One (including Game Pass), and the Epic Games Store (for PC and Mac) on October 29. Night School Studio is the team behind Oxenfree, a story driven adventure filled with choice. Afterparty looks to mix the small moments in life with unspeakable horror just as much, as it takes two best friends into the depths of Hell.

The player determines the actions and thoughts of Lola and Milo. Their task? Out drink the devil to regain life on Earth. Sounds doable, right? Afterparty is choice driven, so you'll encounter a variety of outcomes depending on how you play your cards (and drink your booze). Activities include beer pong and chugging competitions.

Afterparty sounds little more comical than Oxenfree, but still looks just as gorgeous. October 29 can't come soon enough.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is Getting Paid Multiplayer DLC

Don't scream over this news, unless of course you are terrified by the demonic ghost shark pictured above. Following the release of Luigi's Mansion 3 on October 31, the game's ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes will continued to be supported through paid DLC.

ScareScraper tasks up to eight players to work together to complete objectives on each floor of a towering skyscraper. ScreamPark is another mode supporting eight players (on one Switch system) that sees Team Luigi competing against Team Gooigi in a race to suck up the most ghosts and collect the most coins before time expires. We don't know exactly what the DLC will offer, but the safe assumption is at least new maps.

For more on Luigi's Mansion 3, check out our hands-on preview from PAX West 2019.

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New Character Crypto Arrives In Apex Legends Season 3

Look out Bitcoin – there's a new Crypto in town, coming to Apex Legends on October 1st with a whole new season of content. Crypto's spy drones may give his team an edge in battle with tactical initiations and high-tech scouting capabilities. Check out Crypto in the video below.

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A new character is always a big deal, but Crypto is just the start of what's in store with the Meltdown Season 3 update. A new battle pass comes with a ton of new unlocks, but there's also a new weapon – the charge rifle. This energy-class weapon is sure to get some attention as it blows up enemies in style. There will be ranks to chase as the new season begins as well for the competitive crowd.

More information regarding Meltodown is still on the way as we get closer to the October 1st launch day. Check out the official site for ongoing updates.

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