Day: September 10, 2019

Apple Arcade Launches Next Week For $5 A Month

During today's Apple presentation, the company further pulled back the curtains on Apple Arcade, its previously announced premium mobile game subscription service. Announced in March, Apple Arcade grants users access to over 100 full, exclusive titles playable across iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple TV.

In addition to giving some details about some of the games coming to the platform, Apple also gave pricing and release information. The service is set to launch on September 19 alongside iOS 13. It will come to iPadOS and tvOS on September 30, and finally arrive on MacOS Catalina in October.

A single subscription of $4.99 per month allows you to play offline and share your subscription with up to five other family members at no additional cost. In the coming weeks, Apple promises more than 100 titles on the service, with more to come every month. The games on Apple Arcade are the full versions of the games with no ads, additional microtransactions, or in-game purchases. S..

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The Scariest Part Of P.T. Was Just Revealed Through A Hack

Remember P.T.? Some people call it the best demo ever created. Others will even go as far to say it was one of the scariest games ever made. Konami and directors Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro created P.T. as a way to lure people in to wanting a new Silent Hill game. As the demo concludes, players learn that P.T. simply meant “Playable Teaser,” and the tease was actually for a new title called Silent Hills.

As promising as this new direction looked, it's dead in the water, and P.T. can no longer be downloaded. Lance McDonald, who is one of the lucky people to still have P.T. on his PlayStation 4 five years after it was removed, just made a startling discovering in the game. McDonald, who runs a Patreon that explores “video game hacking, modding, and exploration videos,” hacked P.T. to show players what happens when the camera faces in different directions as the scares are unfolding.

On Twitter, McDonald wrote “In P.T., it's common to hear noises as if Lisa is right be..

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KFC Is Making A Game Where You Can Date Colonel Sanders – No, This Isn’t A Joke

Brace yourself: KFC is making a game called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator. The Steam product listing for this unexpected release calls it the “most delicious dating simulator ever created,” and your goal is to “win the heart of the most famous chicken salesman.”

You assume the role of a young culinary student who apparently has eyes for Sanders. As you cook up what we presume is mostly chicken recipes, you'll make “life-changing decisions that will affect your chances of friendship and love.” Along with Sanders, you'll confront other characters including a dog, and, well, what may be one of the best lists of features ever:

9 lovable characters
multiple hours of playthrough
dateable Colonel Sanders
A secret ending! Shh!
Secret recipes! Double Shh!
Cooking battles
Battle battles
Ear a degree from a fictional culinary school
11 Herbs and Spices
Cute miniature food
Officially created by KFC, No, really.
Who doesn't want ..

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