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Negan Goes To Bat In Tekken 7 This Month

Batter up. Negan was revealed a while back to be one of Tekken 7's DLC characters but it wasn't until today we got a date.

The Walking Dead favorite will be available on February 28 for those who have the fighter pass. You can watch him (and fellow DLC fighter Julia) in action here:

Click here to watch embedded media

For more on Tekken 7, check out our review.

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Ubisoft Lays Out All The Big Changes Coming To Rainbow Six Siege This Year

We recently called Rainbow Six Siege “the king of the comeback” in our list of games improved the most by free updates and boy has that game earned the title thanks to consistent updates and constant communication with its community. Year four of Ubisoft's support looms on the horizon for Siege and the publisher's put out a video detailing all the changes coming as well as the philosophy behind them.

To learn more about the operator changes, events, and fixes to address toxicity coming to Siege, give this a watch:

Click here to watch embedded media

For more on Rainbow Six Siege, check out our video on how Pro Rules breathe new life into the game.

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Reader Discussion – When Is A Silent Protagonist A Good Idea?

The debate has gone on for years, and yet it never seems like the industry can decide on whether your player character should have an active role in the story they're a part of, or keep to themselves like the good player avatar they are. As more games trend toward having their main characters speak for themselves but others remain steadfast on keeping players curiously mum, we want to know: is it ever a good idea to have a silent protagonist?

Link is the first silent protagonist who comes to mind, and I can't help but feel his is the best case you can make. I think if there were ever a game where Link were a fully-voiced character, he'd be kind of annoying. Not “excuuuuse me, princess” annoying, but I think a large part of his character comes from how we imbue him with traits that we like in lieu of having a clear personality to cling to. As a general rule, though, I find myself rolling my eyes whenever characters speak to me like I'm Lassie.

Do you prefer silent ..

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AFL-CIO Treasurer Urges Game Developers To Unionize

As companies like Activision continue to make record profits as they lay off large portions of their staff, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is calling for game developers to unionize.

AFL-CIO treasurer Liz Shuler has written a letter, published on Kotaku, detailing an argument for why an industry facing overworked conditions, sudden joblessness, and the emergence of groups favoring the notion should work to unionize.

Shuler writes that the game industry, which she cites as one of the most lucrative “commodities” the U.S. produces, is built off the back of workers who passionately work tireless hours to produce works of art that bring joy to millions of players. “There’s nothing more powerful than throwing yourself into your craft, putting in day after day of passionate, hard work,” she says.

According to Shuler, however, workers are not being fairly compensated by this work, and argues that, regardless of game developers' passion for t..

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SNK Heroines Heads To Steam Next Week

Tag-team fighter/dress-up game most of its characters look uncomfortable to be a part of SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy will be heading to Steam next week.

The game will head to the PC platform on February 21, SNK announced the news at this year's Evo Japan. Though no trailer for the game is officially available online as of this writing, a fan attending the event was able to capture off-screen footage of a trailer playing at Evo Japan making the announcement. We expect a full announcement with more details to come at a later date.

SNK Heroines features several women from across the SNK catalog of games, as well as Terry Bogard and Skullolady.

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Hasbro Announces Overwatch Ultimates Toy Line

Following up on its tease earlier this week, Hasbro has announced a line of Overwatch-themed action figures, unveiling the first line featuring nine characters who aren't Roadhog.

The trailer of the line is short and sweet except for not including Roadhog, giving each of the figures in the line a quick once-over. The characters in the line are:

Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)
Mercy and Pharah Dual Pack
Shrike Ana and Solider 76 Dual Pack
Again, not Roadhog
Click here to watch embedded media

The figures retail for $22.99 for single figures, and $49.99 for dual packs (which don't look like they're available separately). If you're Reinhardt main, however, you'll have to pay $49.99 for the extra-large figure. If you're a Roadhog main, not being able to buy a figure of your favorite character is free. You can browse and purchase the entire first series here.

Disclosure: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer.

Click i..

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