Where’s Our Samurai Shodown Review?

Reviews of 2019's Samurai Shodown review are hitting today, but we’re holding off on delivering our final verdict for just a bit longer. We tend to wait until we’re able to play on launch-day netcode for most fighting games, but we also need to dive into Dojo Mode, which creates A.I. “ghosts” of players by recording their data as they play and uploads them to a server for others to fight. The mode is only now being populated with ghosts as more people get their hands on the game, so we need a bit more time to see how well it works.

From what we’ve played offline and online, however, Samurai Shodown is solid fighter that's low on memorization and high on risky play. While short combos are still possible and certain moves require more intricate motions not found in other modern fighters, Samurai Shodown wants every move to feel like a gamble; quick jabs of your blade yield piddling damage and don’t connect into combos, but heavier attacks leave you wide open if you whiff them…

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Hitman 2 Heads To New York

Agent 47's latest assignment in Hitman 2 takes him to New York as part of the game's expansion pass, which is available for free for pass owners and those who've purchased the first expansion pack (it's not available for individual purchase).

The NY sandbox map features The Bank (Golden Handshake) campaign mission, contracts mode for the mission, Master Progression, items that can be carried over to other parts of the game, and more.

Maybe you haven't been paying attention to the game since it came out, but in this recent article about games that have improved over time, Javy argues that Hitman 2 is a title that keeps getting better.

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Risk Of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres Update Arrives This Week

Risk of Rain 2 is getting a significant content update next week, the first of its kind since it launched in Steam early access in March.

Titled Scorched Acres, this update brings new gear, a new stage, new boss, and an all-new survivor named Rex who has robotic legs. His special abilities make use of both his plant and robotic functions. He can throw darts at enemies and use a mortar (but it costs health). He can also place a seed on the ground that grows into vines – nearby enemies will be forced to heal Rex if they are in the area of effect.

Scorched Acres arrives on in two days, on June 25. You can get a detailed look at Hopoo Games' roadmap for upcoming Risk of Rain 2 content by heading here. You can also watch our New Gameplay Today video to see the game in action.

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Tim Schafer On Microsoft Acquisition And The Future Of Double Fine

During this year's E3, it was announced that Microsoft is acquiring Double Fine Productions (creators of Broken Age, Grim Fandango) to join Xbox Game Studios.

What does this acquisition mean for Double Fine, a studio that is famously independent? Will the studio's signature, unique feel be rebranded? With Double Fine's roster of wonderfully weird titles, it's a reasonable concern, but Double Fine CEO and President Tim Schafer has been quick to qualm those fears (he even did so immediately while on stage at Microsoft's press conference). We sat down with him at E3 to better understand this transition.

“We weren't really looking to get acquired, but we were talking about other things and [Microsoft] mentioned they were doing this with other companies and those other companies seem like they have very strong identities, like Ninja Theory,” Schafer says. “These aren't companies that are looking to make money on Microsoft products. We asked [Microsoft] w..

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