PSA: Cuphead Switch Features Now Available On Xbox One, PC, And Mac

When it launched earlier this week, the Switch version of Cuphead came with some additional features that weren't in the original Xbox One, Mac, and PC versions of the game. Well, now those features are on every platform.

The game's 1.2 update, out now for Xbox One, PC, and Mac, includes some cool quality-of-life features. You can now choose to play the entire game as Mugman rather than Cuphead, giving him (who's basically Luigi to Cuphead's Mario) the chance to shine. The two play identically, so who you choose is entirely up to preference.

Additionally, the update adds fully animated videos in place of stills for all of the game's cutscenes. This, along with a hose of new animations sprinkled throughout fights themselves, will hopefully make the game's art style pop more than ever. New localizations have been added for eleven new languages (French, Italian, German, European Spanish, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korea..

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Documentary ‘Raising Kratos’ To Chronicle God Of War’s Development

Sony Interactive Entertainment is producing what looks like a full-length documentary chronicling the development of 2018's God of War, and you'll soon be able to watch it for free.

Judging from the trailer, the documentary looks to follow director Cory Barlog and the team at Sony Santa Monica as they set out to reboot the God of War franchise for the 2018 entry. There's lots of behind-the-scenes footage shown, with scenes of actors recording motion-capture scenes from the game, conversations between Barlog and the development team about their approach to the reboot, and more.

The documentary is billed as “coming soon” to PlayStation's Youtube channel. The final shot also looks to be new CGI footage of Kratos, which could be a promotional shot for the documentary, or potentially hint at a sequel.

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Destiny 2’s Spectral Blades Super Hit With Major Nerfs

While it was buffing a bunch of arc (and a few non-arc) Destiny 2 subclasses, Bungie announced it was looking into the hunter class' Spectral Blades super ability, which it saw as being too strong in the current meta. Earlier this week, the developer brought the hammer down.

The spectral blades super was introduced in Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion, and have void-flavored Hunters a super ability outside of their normal Shadowshot, a one-and-done ability that tethered enemies to a particular location. Spectral blades, however, lets them roam around the battlefield and take easy kills for a short period.

The issues, as Bungie points out in their This Week At Bungie blog post, is that spectral blades lasted too long, and that it made its user a little too survivable, especially while they were under its cloaking effect. “Previously, this Super had the highest damage reduction of all the roaming Supers, either in stealth or not,” Bungie's sandbox team said. This is even fu..

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What To Watch This Weekend: Overwatch, PUBG, And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As we celebrate a weekend full with eggs, religious connotations, and niceties, kick back and watch other people duke it out in some of the world's most popular games.

The Dota 2 ESL One major in Mumbai, India is wrapping up tomorrow, and it could be one of the few times old-school Dota fans may see Navi in the finals. (Stream / Schedule)

The League of Legends North American LCS circuit may have ended but wouldn't you know it, there's a bunch of other circuits wrapping up this weekend! Korea, China, and Latin American all have their finals this weekend, so if you want to watch some dang League, you can travel the world for it. (Stream / Schedule)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Pro League continues! Watch more matches from the both the North American and European divisions all weekend long. (Stream / Schedule)

Of course, we also have another round of Overwatch League matches this weekend, and the Shanghai Dragons are playing! (Stream / Schedule)

We've g..

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