Reader Discussion – Which Indie Studio Would You Want To Make A Zelda Game?

With the recent Cadence of Hyrule making waves and the Cuphead developers saying they'd love to make a Zelda game, Zelda spinoff fever might be at an all-time high. So we want to know: which Indie developer would you want to make a Zelda spinoff?

Personally, I'd like to see Wargroove developer Chucklefish take a crack at making a Legend of Zelda tactics game. Where Wargroove borrowed from Advance Wars, their Zelda spinoff could borrow more from Fire Emblem, giving players a more retro game in the vein of the series' arrival in the West on the Game Boy Advance. Along with Link and Zelda, players could take control of other races like the Goron, Deku, and Zora. Lots of characters from throughout the series could make an appearance, too. The more fan service the better!

But that's just me. What kind of game would like to see Zelda turn into? A Limbo-style platformer? A monster hunting and cooking show like Battle Chef Brigade? Let us know in the comments.

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Fortnite Digital Revenue Down Year-Over-Year In May, Up From April

Analytics firm SuperData has released its monthly report of the top-grossing digital games on the market, and the rankings don't hold too many surprises, the report shares some insights on the continuing state of Fortnite's dominance.

SuperData reports that while Fortnite made an astounding $203 million across all platforms, that's part of a downwards trend for the game, as the number is down 38 percent from May 2018 (though the arrival of the game's season 9 content means it's up “significantly” over April).

That number is also part of a minor overall downturn for the industry, which fell four percent from May 2018 (SuperData notes the biggest contributor to this, however, is a six-percent drop in mobile sales). Fortnite's revenue still makes it the number-one game on console (beating out the likes of Fifa 19 and Mortal Kombat 11), and lets hold as steady fifth place on PC.

One final tidbit of interest in SuperData's report is that while it's..

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Cuphead Dev: Making A Zelda Game Would Be ‘A Dream Come True’

In a recent interview, Cuphead developer Studio MDHR stated they'd love to try their hand at making a game in the Legend of Zelda series. The idea would have sounded out of the question just a few years ago, but it seems more likely than ever.

Speaking to Nintendo Force for its upcoming June issue (you can subscribe to the magazine here), MDHR studio head Jared Moldenhauer expressed a desire to make a Zelda game, and went as far as to outline his vision for a “sprawling” entry animated with the studio's signature animated 2D art. “Think of all the expressiveness and life you could bring to the tribes, people, and enemies of a universe that rich,” Moldenhauer told Nintendo Force. “And much like Cuphead, we would get to test our design mettle coming up with screen-filling bosses of an entirely different nature. Of course, backgrounds would be completely hand-painted with nothing re-used! The list just goes on and on. It would be an absolute dream come true.”

The Legend of Zel..

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Square Enix’s Rule For Remakes: They Must Surpass The Original

At this past E3, we were granted a one-on-one interview with Square Enix CEO and president Yosuke Matsuda. Matsuda spoke to us about the company's goals and discussed how Square Enix is striving to make its complete library available digitally. With the announcement of Trials of Mana, a remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, and the availability of Secret of Mana Collection, we wondered how Square Enix decides when to remake something versus just re-releasing the older version of it, or in the case Trials of Mana, do both.

Matsuda wasn't shy about his commitment or desire to re-release as many older games as possible. “If it’s a popular series, we want to revive the whole series regardless of what the profitability looks like on individual titles,” he said. “We’d rather put the entire series out there so it can be played again.”

Of course, that's been easier said than done, as Matsuda shared with us the challenges of tracking down code for older titles, calling it “troubling.” W..

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