The Outer Worlds Is Coming To Switch

This little bit of interstellar news came out of nowhere. Today Nintendo and Obsidian revealed that the anticipated sci-fi RPG is coming to Switch.

According to executive producer Matthew Singh, the port is being developed by both Obsidian and Virtuos, the same company responsible for handling ports of titles like Dark Souls, L.A. Noire, and Final Fantasy XII. You can watch the announcement right here:

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For more on The Outer Worlds, check out our hands-on impressions here.

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EA Reveals First Official Tournament For Apex Legends

Not even a year out from the game's release and EA and Respawn have unveiled the first official organized competition for Apex Legends. The Preseasonal Invitation, as EA calls it, will take place in Kraków, Poland from September 13-15.

The tourney will pit 80 teams of three players against one another in bracketed tournament for a prize pool of 500,000 dollars. The tournament will be double elimination.

If you're interested to see if you have the skills to make the cut for the tournament, head here.

For more on Apex Legends, check out our impressions of the latest season here.

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Concrete Genie’s Art Creation Was Aided By Media Molecule’s Dreams Technology

During my time visiting Pixelopus, developers of the new PlayStation 4 exclusive Concrete Genie, I got a chance to talk to the studio a little about how the game was created. In the game, Ash can paint genies on the walls to whatever specifications the player wants. You can place wings all around a genie, make their body tube-like or chubby, give them different faces or put vines for their arms, and all of this decides the genie's personality type.

Jokingly, I asked creative director Dominic Robillard whether there was ever any personal competition in terms of which Sony studio is making the better creative generation game, Pixelopus with Concrete Genie or Media Molecule with Dreams.

“No, actually,” Robilliard chuckled. “We actually worked together, some of the tech in Concrete Genie is thanks to them. We have these things where Sony studios meet and talk here in San Francisco. We show each other our games and exchange ideas and technology. We were talking to someone at Media Mo..

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Fortnite Streamer Ninja Writing A Book About How To Become An Unstoppable Gamer

As video games become bigger and bigger business, and the esports world nips at the periphery of that business, it makes sense that people will write guides on how to profit from these things. Enter Ninja, also known as Tyler Blevins off the internet, who has made somewhat of a fortune by becoming one of the most popular streamers on said internet. Now, he's going to teach others how to do it.

Titled Ninja: Get Good, the upcoming book from Blevins sets out to teach readers how to become unstoppable gamers. In theory, there's actually some good topics to cover here, like setting up a streaming strategy, what kind of equipment you need, things like that. Nothing that would make you unstoppable per se, but maybe that's more of a marathon than a sprint. Ninja: Get Good releases in August.

But let's be clear here. That's not the only Ninja book that exists. There are in fact two more on the way from what Ninja's publisher, Edbury, calls “the best player in th..

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