Here Is Oculus Quest’s Launch Lineup

We got our hands on Oculus' new cable-free headset and were mighty impressed with its performance. The launch lineup consists of 53 games and apps, but Oculus says this list could change slightly in the weeks ahead. Some of the best VR experiences out there – like Beat Saber – will be available on day one. Vader Immortal, which we think has plenty of promise, will also be available on this day.

You can get your hands on Oculus Quest on May 21. For more details of the hardware, check out our full review.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Resolution Games
Apex Construct, Fast Travel Games
Apollo 11, Immersive VR Education
Bait!, Resolution Games
Ballista, High Voltage Software
Beat Saber, Beat Games
Bigscreen Beta, Bigscreen VR
Bogo, Oculus
Bonfire, Baobab
Box VR, Fit XR
Creed, Survios
Dance Central, Harmonix
Dead and Buried II, Oculus Studios
Drop Dead: Duel Strike, Pixel Toys
Electronauts, Survios
Epic Roller Coasters, B4T Games
Face Your Fears 2, Turtle Rock Studios..

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You Can Now Watch That Entire High-School Production Of Alien

Remember that high-school drama club that put on a production of Ridley Scott's Alien a few months ago? You aren't going to be able to see it in person, but all hope isn't lost: The school has uploaded the whole show online, and you can watch it in 4K.

Students at New Jersey's North Bergen High School performed the show in March, using an original adaptation of the film and props that were largely constructed from recycled materials. Check it out below!

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Valve Reveals Valve Index, A New Line Of High-End VR Gear

Valve has announced Valve Index, a new line of high-end VR gear aimed at users who want the best the technology has to offer. Preorders for the headset, controllers, and base stations go on sale tomorrow.

According to Valve, the headset's 1,440×1,600 LCDs have 50 percent more subpixels than OLED, in an array that reduces the screen-door effect that typically accompanies VR. The headset runs at 120Hz, with full backward compatibility with 90Hz. It's also designed with easily replaceable face pads, and Valve says it's encouraging mods and third-party designs for those pads.

The headset is available individually for $749, with the controllers priced at $279 and the base station at $149. A bundle is priced at $999. For more specs and details, visit Valve's page here.

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Oculus Quest And Rift S Launch In The End Of May

Rift S is Oculus' new premiere virtual reality headset (though it's not the next generation of Rift). It removes the need for external sensors, has a single cable that splits into two inputs and other upgrades like a higher resolution screen.

Quest is Oculus' completely standalone VR headset that similarly has no external sensors and does not plug into a PC, but shares much of its library with the standard PC-connected Oculus headset.

Oculus revealed today that both are coming out globally May 21. Both headsets will include a pair of the new, redesigned Touch controllers and will be $399.99. Pre-orders for the headset are opening today.

For some of our hands-on impressions of Rift S, head here. For our hands-on impressions of Oculus Quest, head here, and look out for a more in-depth review of the Quest headset soon.

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