NovaGaming eSports

About the Team

Team name: NovaGaming eSports
Slogan: Make the Most of Rocket League
Platform: PC preferred but PS4 can also be accepted

Team Captain: NG.Thomaslokere
Team Admins: NG.MatrixXin
Team Mascot: Lynx

Keep track of the team by following our FaceBook page. 

Additional Social Media Links:

Twitch: Coming soon…
Steam Group: Coming soon…
Twitter: Coming soon…

The Roster

col., blobfish

Interested in Joining the Team?

NovaGaming eSports is searching for players!

NovaGaming eSports is a competitive rocket league team that plays under the title of the Nova Gaming Community. We are currently still in the setup phase to acquire players for the team so if you think that this is something for you, do not hesitate to message thomaslokere#9219 through the Nova Gaming discord.

Player Soft-Requirements:
(These are preferred requirements but are NOT a required treat in order to join but this may affect your role within the team.)

Seasons played: 3+
Average rank: Champion 1
Preferred gamemodes: 3v3
Communication methods: Discord, Teamspeak (It is a very big plus if you have a mic)
Age: 15 (This is a must in order to join the team.)
Region: EU (This is a must)