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Nova Founder



That Gamer 26

A member of the community who joined the staff team at the start of 2019 to see it grow. I am also extremely friendly so don’t hesitate to message me. My role on the roster is the Operations Manager – I oversee all staff on the server, issue policy and review management roles & guidelines.


Marketing Assistance of NovaGaming. My name is William and i am based in South-Africa (Yes i have a lion pet). Striving to expand Nova Gaming to the Reaches of the Earth and Starting in South africa’s E-sports scene.


Hey again, I’m the Server Supervisor at Nova Gaming 🙂 And i’m the worst on making bios XD. Well if you still reading this then What you waiting for join the Discord if you haven’t 🙂


DayZ Server Administrator.


Hello, my name is Thomas and I am from the MOST amazing country that they call Belgium these days. I myself am a Supervisor at Nova Gaming. I have a passion for gaming but also for game making, such as mobile games and also game servers. I am a student at the HoWest in Belgium in the route of Cyber Security and Database administration. Besides studying I also work as a Part-Time Web Developer and Quality Assurance Specialist in mobile game companies and communities. But I also do regularly work as a Discord developer to create servers and bots. I know that some may say: “Hey, discord developer is a myth and it isnt a real job.” Well I didnt ask for your opinion right. Besides the boring stuff like work I also play plenty of games when I get the time ofcourse, my main games if I could choose would probably be Arma 3, Rocket League and Rust. And ofcourse I stream sometimes but it isnt that common due to reasons, couch work,studies. And thats pretty much it I mean I am available for contact if you ever think you need help with anything related to discord, web development and anything else technical.


DayZ Server Administrator.


Hey there, I’m Yasmin. I’m 14, female, British and straight. Nova’s latest addition to the partnership management team.


Hello, I’m Mr Krow! Enjoy shooters, MMOs, and Horror Games. Been playing games ever since I could use the controller. From Salt Lake City, UT. Married and a father to 4 children. Stream to Twitch & YouTube


Heya fellow potential mates! I am called Tiny, and have been in this fantastic gaming clan since December 2018. Its great fun, i promise you, almost as fun as my great/terrible jokes. Anyways, I’m 16, from Sweden, and totally into MMORPGs. I’m friendly and perhaps a bit eccentric, but always up for a chat! I’m on discord 20 hours a day no joke, so don’t be scared to message, i don’t bite! (very hard at least).


My name is Keiran by I play with the username Ghost! I’m 22 years old and from England! I enjoy all genres of games and also roleplay, I have DM’ed campaigns for many years! I’m the mordhau admin of Nova and that’s where you will find me!


I’m here to help the community grow! – Mya


Loyal veteran of the community. Straight forward and blunt, I’ll say it how it us and do not like to see rule breakers. Not very approachable, but I’ll get the job done just shout me if you need me.

The success of our community depends on the strength, determination and motivation of our Staff team. 

This page contains the list of our full staff roster to date and what our staff roles entail. We’ve contained a small description about us to help you guys get to know a little bit more about us as a team. Since Nova was founding back in 2016, the Staff team has been together for more than 3 years which has helped us build a strong bond amongst ourselves – we’ve been through thick and thin. If you’re interested in learning about our roles, flick through the slide below.

These members are the heart of our Community and are here to play games! They have vindicated their dedication to us and have earned our respect.
These members are the oldest and most respected amongst the Community. They have been apart of the Community since the beginning and most of them have been in some form of Staff role which this role has been dedicated to honour them.
[Department] Representatives
These individuals operate within Nova to assist Community Managers achieve their objectives/goals/agendas. They report directly to their respective department manager.
Marketing Assistant
These individuals are here to help advertise, market and welcome new members to the Community. Marketing assistants support the work of marketing managers and Founders on projects directed at maximising user interaction and developing strategies or marketing campaigns to grow the population of our Discord.
Events Manager
These individuals are enrolled in the community to create and maintain events for our community to partake and join in with. These events can vary from just simple Discord events, to gaming tournaments and so forth.
Partnership Managers
These individuals are here to secure partnerships and to help the community grow as a whole. They will own relations, grow ties with other communities and have a strong passion for gaming of course.
Trial Moderators
These individuals are training to become a moderator within the community. The will help with enforcing the communities rules & regulations whilst learning the basics in order to become a full time Moderator.
Moderators play a central role in the development and successful implementation of a public forum, TeamSpeak/Discord discussion or public debate in game. They’re entrusted with various powers and responsibilities within the community to enforce the communities core values and rules.
These individuals are entrusted to supervise a certain activity here at Nova gaming. The activity they govern can be identified by their additional tags as per below: RolePlay Supervisor - They control our RP on Nova’s server. D&D Supervisor - They control our Dungeons and Dragons gameplay. Server Supervisor - They control all of our game servers. Each supervisor is entrusted with a small staff team to govern their activity on our Discord. They’re to set goals and agendas for their team (Department Representatives) in order to grow their respective fields control the guidelines.
These individuals are the first point of contact for their departments. They can be easily identified by their additional tags as per below: Head of Moderation - Governs the Moderation team. Head of Partnerships - Governs the Partnership team. Head of Events - Governs the Events team. Head of Marketing - Governs the Marketing team. Each head is here to guide those positions below them and take control of situations when deemed necessary. They dictate who can join their team, department goals, daily tasks and manages the roster.
Senior Management
Depending on their regional area of management, these individuals ensure the governance & operation of their regions Staff Roster. They can be easily identified by their additional: Europe General Manager; Africa General Manager. Each GM is entrusted to enrolling head of departments and setting the policy that governs said departments. They’re also the first point of call for all supervisors and also control the general recruitment of said supervisors.
Administrators ensure the overall day-to-day operation of NovaGaming. They are responsible for supporting the staff team with any complications, implications, suggestions or concerns. They also assist with the recruitment of staff members within Nova and should be the first point of call for the Head Moderator & Community Manager. They also have the authority to revoke memberships, fire staff members (these team members tend to police the staff below them) and alter community rules.
These members of the community work daily to ensure that the community is functioning smoothly and have dedicated numerous hours into Nova for the betterment of the overall Community. They're responsible for all administrative elements of Nova & its Staff list.

Interested in Joining the Team?