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Venhalum – An Introduction

Our unique world is based on a mystical land filled with magic, powers, creatures, and knights. Governed by a Monarchy, you can choose between 4 different Kingdoms, all different, that fits in with YOUR style of RP and preference in character. We believe that you, being a experienced roleplayer or a novice participant, can find a place here in Venhalum. 

Essential Information

Members: 551 members (from todays count – 20/06/2019).
Genre: Fantasy, Medieval, Action and Romance.
Preferred Length: Novella.
ERP: Is not permitted on our servers.

The Lore

In the realm of Venhalum, four prestigious factions reside side by side in peace and harmony under the banner of the King. Days are long and prosperous, nights are full of excitement and joy, but not everything is what it seems. Inside the Forest of Nazgul, an unspeakable evil lurks behind the shadows claiming innocent lives in the realm. Once full of energy and light, the Forest of Nazgul has dwindled. Reports of death has spread wide and vast earning the name of the Black Touch. The only symptom noticeable on the people is a Black Dot somewhere on their body and the famine spreading from the spiritual forest.

Distraught by the events unfolding in Venhalum, the King entrusts his Nobles – the three faction leaders – to investigate the the cause of plague. Loyal to the Crown, the Nobles rally their most formidable Knights and embark on their journey to unravel the secrets of Nazgul Forest. Little did they know, the Forest had become home to a powerful Demon called Frisurr Kanilas – a reincarnation of The Asag. The tale of this adventure has only just begun, which faction would youchoose to help gain the favour of the King?

The Factions

Dynasty of Sath

The Sath Dynasty is the cornerstone of Venhalum and it is the greatest, most powerful faction forged by Men. Although the Dynasty does not represent the realms strongest species, mankind has a steely determination to not merely live, but thrive. Its armies are mighty with ranks of formidable, heavily-armoured Knights known as the realms greatest; its region is wealthy and rich of resources and its prestige puts the Dynasty at the top of the realms Pinnacle hierarchy. Races: Humans only.

Kingdom of Tegion

Governed by a proud folk, the population of the Tegion Kingdom are quick to temper and easy to offend, with a love of gems, golds and other precious metals. Being master craftsman and having access to rare materials, their works are second to none, their armories are well stocked and reliable. Its armies cause others to tremble as it Knights are filled with monsters - dead and alive; its region is prosperous with a unfettered reputation and is unknown to defeat. Races: Dwarfs, Skeleton, Trolls & Vampires.

Dynasty of Dwayrin

The Scourge of Venhalum. Collectively known as ferocious fighters, they’re a aggressive, brutal race that tend to over indulge on the spoils of life. Generally a defiant Kingdom, these characters pose a danger to Vengahalum, however, their spiritual ties to the Tree of Life forces them to adhere to the calls of the Sath Dynasty. Its armies are built for war and violence with cunning Knights that are more than capable of rampaging across the realm; its region is known for its luxuries, textiles and wine but all of its visitors are advised to walk with caution. Races: Skaven, Orc, Goblin & mummies.

Kingdom of Rosso

Being the oldest civilisation in the realm, those belonging to the Kingdom of Rosso tend to lead incredibly long lives; so long in fact, a human life in comparison is that of mayflies. Aloof and arrogant in manner, these species generally walk the path of order, using their longevity to become warriors without peers and wise beyond rationale. Its armies are well drilled with exceptional, elite Knights that have earned the respect of the forest; its ancient region is filled with character and life which has earned Sath’s unquestionable respect being the Dynasties closest ally. Races: Elves, Lizardmen, Beastmen & Ents.

How can Join in?

Simple! Watch the video to learn how to participate

The Region



The Sher & its Village A peaceful, loving region with a population of kind hearted souls. Known for its accolades in alchemy and potion making, it prospers greatly under the current rule of the Saths Dynasty. Its peaceful nature is the very first sight of new and old visitors and its village welcomes all! The current rulers of Shers is the Kingdom Of Rosso.

Geography Being the smallest region in Venhalum, Sher is covered with beautiful beds of green grass and valleys as far as the eye can see. However, to the North, where the capital lies, a Forest engulfed the village which only added to the regions prestige. Its ecosystem allowed for many different species of plants to grow in their peaceful state and is a welcoming site for those adventurers travel from one of the Shers neighbouring continents.

Climate The climate of the Sher is generally quite cool, but with not overly cold winters and with fairly warm summers. Rainfall is fairly frequent, with snow being much more rare; which explains its furising ecosystem. The Sher is warm enough that the rivers do not freeze over at the average temperature of 7 degrees Celsius that allows its village to prosper.


The Darkness The Forest of Nazgul is an ancient place and not every corner of the vast forest has been explored. In particular, where the trees become dense, dark and crocked a hidden evil has manifested in the shadows.

Day by day, this darkness grows. Engulfing the the forest and killing most living things in its wake. Tails of the mysterious darkness has spread far and wide across the realm of Venhalum earning the name of the Black Touch. The Forest is not one for the faint hearted, only enter if you dare…


Delpsia & its City Saturated with bright colours, dust and sand, Delpsia is a harsh yet alluring region with a unique grittiness that contributes to its harshness and texture. The city is scattered with dunes, famous distilleries and cafes that all contributes to the regions prestige; however, the region is not merciful with its beating sun throbbing across the lands. Adventurers are welcomed and advised to enjoy the spoils & luxuries of the city. The current rulers of Delpsia is Kingdom Of Dwayrin.

Geography Delpsia is, for the most part, uninhabited desert spanning across the south of Venhalum. Its capital is located next to the infamous Calrood River and its protected from all sides by large mountain ranges which is vital for its survival. Sharing a similar, yet kinder, characteristics such as Judeok, vegetation is a rarity across the region making mirages a common occurrence. Due to this nature, the Kingdom of Dwayrin are continuously trying to make Delpsia a beautiful oasis with luxury imports of goods from the Calrood River.

Climate The climate is generally hot and dry, although nights are cool, and frosts occur in winter. The humidity along the coasts is high. The temperature during the summer is high, reaching well over 45 degrees Celsius, with generally cold nights with temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius. The daily maximum temperature is mild during the short spring and autumn seasons, averaging about 29 degrees Celsius.


Judeok & its Town With its hellish volcanic landscape, Judeok is famous for its wide array of valuable minerals, ore and tough exterior. This region is home to a proud, strong nation that supplies the realm of Venhalum with the majority of its steel, armor & resources. Workshops, armories and miners litter the town, but it all adds to the character of the region. The current rulers of Judeok is the Kingdom Of Tegion.

Geography Rivers filled with lava, its scorched lands and harsh climate doesn’t allow for anything to grow here. It’s towns are built upon rocky plains to escape the constant threat of lava engulfing the homes of many. Only venturing down to the depths of Judeok in order to collect valuable minerals from the lavel flows & mines, the population has adapted slightly to to conditions of the region. Judeoks dry and blasted geography is extremely unfriendly and it is highlight recommended for all adventurers to remain in the towns, but the ancient tombs littered across the region are highly rewarding to venture into.

Climate The climate of Judeok is searing. The seasons don’t change and the land is unforgiving. A dark, misty cloud always resides in Judeoak with the density & its ferocity growing ever denser as you approach the capital. Days of ash falling from the skies are no stranger here with an average temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.



Kiutakia & its Dynasty The longest standing Dynasty that has reigned over Vanthalum, the capital city of Kiutakia is the land where new opportunities arise and dreams become a reality. The prosperose city streets is filled with a joyful, happy population and sacred locations enjoyed by all. You may even see the famous and loved monarchs of Venhalem strolling around the city; how lucky you are if you did. The current rulers of the region is the Dynasty of Sath who also rule Venhalum.

Geography The capital of Kiutakia sits atop alluvial silt washed into the sea by the rivers stretching north-eastward from the Tree of Life making the river that splits the capital in half the “Holy Water”. The city blessed with such a glamorous grace is covered with beautiful flowers and greeneries. Demonstrating its flamboyant lifestyle and spiritual connection to the realm. Being the largest of regions across the realm, Kiutakia region is vast and magical. Its forests are home to a rich, prospering variety of animal life; the holy river that stretches across the region from the Tree of Life allows for the most beautiful florea areas to flourish; its grasslands offer life to the realms highest concentrations of large mammal species and its shores allows for large amounts of vegetation to grow. There’s no mistake, this land is fitting for the Sath Dynasty.

Climate Kiutakia has a humid, subtropical climate with cool winters and very warm summers. The temperatures of the region can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius making it an ideal location for most of the realms population.


The Forest of Nazgul The spiritual connection the the realm of Venhalum. The Tree of Life is the center of the forest that brings life, wealth and integrity across all the factions. The destruction of the Tree of Life would prove devastating to the realm as a whole, and would create a cultural and religious void that would decimate all life in Venhalum; demonstrating its importance to all to see. No region or dynasty rules this land. It is the Holy Land – open to ALL. The temples located in the forest are sacred and protected by the Dynasty of Sath.

Geography This ecoregion is the only landmass that connects to all four regions of Venhalum which heightens the regions connectivity with its neighbours. The region consists of a number of ecosystems ranging from natural savanna to swamps. Even the rainforest itself is highly variable, tree diversity and structure varying depending on soil type, history, drainage, elevation, and other factors. Due to its utmost importance to the realm, all regions do their best to protect the forest.

Climate The Nazgul Forest has a low-water season, and a wet season during which, the rivers flood the adjacent, low-lying forests The climate of the basin is generally hot and humid, however, the winters can bring cole snaps fueled by the seas. The average annual temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius with no distinction between summer and winter seasons.

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